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We aim to build an AI-powered prediction software which detects patients who are at high risk of developing postoperative delirium using pre-surgical data. There are four phases indicated below. Of note, the regulatory phase will start alongside the front & backend development.

  • Data Management

    • Data cleaning

    • Preprocessing

  • Algorithm Development

    • Testing of various machine learning algorithms

  • Front & Backend Development

    • Predictors

    • Rest API (HTTPS)

    • Cloud

    • Deployment

  • Documentation for CE Mark

    • Verification tests

    • Software architecture

    • Software life cycle

    • Algorithm change protocol

    • Audits

Futher details available after signing an NDA.


Evaluation criteria

We will evaluate based on quality per CHF spent. In this case, quality is measured as a proxy of competency (83%) and location (17%). The final score divided by the cost will be used for evaluation. The evaluation and final decision will be made by an independent external specialist.


Location (17%)

5 points if based in Zurich, 4 points for Switzerland, 3 points for EU, 1 point everywhere else


Competency (83%)
ISO13485 certification 2 points for yes, 0 points for no

evidence of similar projects or services delivered successfully

5 Several projects involving both healthcare and AI at the same time
4 Several healthcare and AI projects (but not both at the same time)
3 Several healthcare or AI projects
2 Projects only tangentially relevant
1 no similar projects


Rapport score 1-5 on timeliness in response, professionalism, understanding of project.

HINWEISE: Die Beantwortung einer Kontaktaufnahme, im Besonderen bei einer verdeckten Ausschreibung obliegt dem ausschreibenden Anbieter.