Beschaffung Multikollektor-Massenspektrometer

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Archiv | 17.12.2015 | Multi-collector noble gas mass spectrometer:


Sector field mass spectrometer for operator-assisted and fully-automated high-precision and high-accuracy isotope ratio measurements of noble gases in the mass range 1.5 – 150 amu with emphasis on the analysis of Ar, Kr, and Xe. Automated analysis of He-Ne and Ar-Kr-Xe gas mixtures under optimal conditions for all noble gases and including interfering gas species must be possible. The instrument must be provided with all hardware required for sample measurement, which includes but isn’t limited to chiller(s), vacuum pumps, computer, and software. No sample gas preparation line is required. The mass spectrometer is required to have an electron impact source, low internal volume, extremely low interference, background, and outgassing rates for the elements of interest. The collector array must consist of at least 4 ion counting devices and one Faraday collector for simultaneous acquisition of multiple ion signals.
(For details see specification document)


ETH Zürich

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